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Zemana AntiLogger is a security software developed by Zemana Ltd. It is designed to protect users from various types of malware, particularly those that aim to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data through keystroke logging (keyloggers) and other methods.

Key features of Zemana AntiLogger typically include:

  • Keystroke encryption: AntiLogger encrypts keystrokes in real-time, making it difficult for keyloggers to capture sensitive information typed by the user.

  • Anti-screen capturing: It can prevent malicious software from capturing screenshots of the user's desktop, which could potentially expose sensitive information.

  • System defense: AntiLogger may include additional features to protect against other types of malware, such as banking Trojans and ransomware, that attempt to steal information or compromise the security of the system.

  • Behavioral analysis: Some versions of AntiLogger may include behavioral analysis capabilities to detect and block suspicious activity that could indicate the presence of malware.

  • Secure browsing: It may offer secure browsing features to protect users while they are accessing sensitive websites such as online banking or shopping sites.

  • Overall, Zemana AntiLogger is intended to provide an additional layer of security against sophisticated threats that traditional antivirus software may not always detect. It can be particularly useful for users who handle sensitive information regularly and want to protect themselves from the risks of data theft and identity fraud.

    Zemana AntiLogger - More Features

    Zemana AntiLogger employs a commendably unique, vastly impressive, fully dependable, and successfully patented approach in protecting your PC from malware attacks and other cyber threats. Instead of the common structure of scanning files and comparing then to virus signatures, Zemana antilogger utilizes a heuristic (predictive) methodology that sniffs out and eradicates any potential threats by means of proactive analysis. It will protect against the theft of confidential data by encrypting your keystrokes as they are entered, so keyloggers don't stand a chance in hell at picking out your passwords and other private information. Zemana Antilogger is compatible with other Antivirus/Internet Security applications.

    How does Anti-Keylogging work?

    Keylogging malware is often bundled with other software and downloaded unknowingly by the user, quietly installing itself in the background of a running application. Keylogging software works in a myriad of ways, essentially capturing and recording the keyboard strokes of a system user. The intention of a keylogging software criminal is generally to steal passwords, credit card details and other confidential data the use this data for their own financial or devious gain.

    Anti keylogging software counteracts malicious key stroke recording by specifically targeting keylogging malware on the computer. It seeks out certain files used by keylogging Trojans and compares these files to its own significant database, rapidly alerting if a hidden keylogging signature is present. Often traditional anti-virus software will miss embedded keylogging software as it is not exactly designed for that purpose.

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