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Product: Sticky Password Premium
Software Publisher: Lamantine Software

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Sticky Password won me over - quickly. Not due to the reliability and accuracy of this top-rated password manager, but rather due to the fact that Lamantine Software, the publishers of Sticky Password, pledge a portion of the profits accrued from Sticky Password to a Manatee protection fund. This is made ever more so cute as "lamantine" means manatee in French. So here it is - Sticky Password, along with RoboForm Password Manager, the top-rated password manager in the business. Let's look at some of the features below.


  • Logs-in with a single master password everytime.
  • Installs across multiple platforms - Windows, Mac, Android & iOS devices.
  • Automatically syncs data between all your devices.
  • Handles logins even if the username and password are not on the same page.
  • Access can be set to authenticate using bluetooth or a declared USB.
  • Synchs via Wi-Fi instead of the Cloud ensuring complete protection for your passwords.
  • Can be configured to authenticate by fingerprint using iOS and Android.

  • “I found that Sticky Password did an unusually good job of capturing login credentials, even for sites that baffle other password managers.” - May 2016

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