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Product: GoodSync Desktop 10
Product: GoodSync Desktop for Mac
Product: GoodSync2Go 10 for Windows
Product: GoodSync2Go 10 for Mac
Product: RoboForm Desktop 7
Product: Roboform Everywhere

How to upgrade to RoboForm Desktop 7 & Roboform Everywhere
  1. Users who bought RoboForm on or after 1 Sept 2010 are eligible for a free upgrade.
  2. Select the RoboForm Desktop 7 or Roboform Everywhere link found above to go through to the product page.
  3. On the product page click on the Upgrade Now button to go through to the RoboForm upgrade page.
  4. If you require additional information with regards to upgrading please click on the Upgrade RoboForm to Ver 7 FAQ link.
  5. Select between RoboForm 7 Desktop, Roboform Everywhere or RoboForm Everywhere.

How to upgrade to GoodSync Desktop 10, GoodSync2Go 10, or GoodSync Desktop for Mac
  1. Select a GoodSync product link found above.
  2. Once on the GoodSync program page, click on the Upgrade Now button.
  3. On the Goodsynch page, choose your preference and click on 'Add to cart'.
  4. In the shopping-cart click on the 'Upgrading or buying additional licenses' link.
  5. You will be requested to enter your Original order data.
  6. Click on the Apply link to find out if you are eligible for an upgrade.

Purchasing RoboForm/GoodSynch software from outside of the USA

You are able to purchase a download version of RoboForm/GoodSynch software regardless of where on the planet you reside, as long as your internet connection is stable enough to handle downloading the software. Please remember to cancel the Backup CD by clicking on the dustbin found next to the Backup CD option found in the shopping-cart.
RoboForm & GoodSynch will also allow you to change certain aspects of the webpage content into multiple supported languages. Once on the RoboForm/GoodSynch page you can change languages when scrolling over the Language link found in the top-right hand corner. You are also able to select the currency in which you would like to pay by changing the currency in the shopping-cart where it says Select currency.
Supported country currencies include:
  • USA
  • UK
  • Europe
  • Japan

  • Coupon Code Promotions

    From time to time we are able to provide a discount coupon code for your RoboForm/GoodSynch purchase. If we are able to provide a suitable discount offer towards your software purchase, we will promote the special offer within the page content located above.

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