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Product: Mercalli Expert
Product: Mercalli Light
Product: Mercalli V3
Product: Mercalli V4
Product: ProDRENALIN V1
Product: ProDRENALIN V2
Product: ReSpeedr V1

How to upgrade to proDAD products
1. Click on the link above to the proDAD product you would like to upgrade to.
2. Check that you have all the correct system/product requirements in place.
3. Purchase the latest version of the product using the Upgrade button/links
4. Download the product or wait for postal delivery if you selected the disk version.
5. Read any installation notes that come with the program.
6. Back up any data that could be lost or corrupted during the install.
7. Close any programs running on your computer.
8. Install the new version.
9. A computer re-start may be required.

What is the difference between an upgrade, sidegrade and an update?

Upgrades are the latest, up-to-date installments of proDAD software editions. They contain improved functionality, added features, streamlined usability, security patches, bug-fixes and other augmentations. Upgrading can only be done from of a previous version of the same software application eg. Poser 6, 7, 8, or 9 can be upgraded to Poser 10. Upgrades are provided at a vastly reduced rate to that of the full version of the software.

Sidegrades are useful opportunities to move your licensed software from one operating system to another operating system. proDAD only provide sidegrading options for their Poser software releases.

Software updates are incremental fixes, patches and enhancements to software editions where slight software defects or flaws required mending. Updates are always provided for free.

Upgrades are always processed at less than the rate of a full version edition, however proDAD will occasionally run a special promotion, or send us a discount voucher or coupon code for markdown on their full version releases.

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