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  • Supplier: Pinnacle       Availability: Worldwide

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    Pinnacle Studio 26 Ultimate is your top-of-the-range video editing and content creation software suite for PC-based audio and video enthusiasts. It radically opens up a vast dimension of possibilities, allowing you to create, edit, customize and prepare your videos just like a professional editor would do. It allows you to import videos and images swiftly, either manually or automatically, from an entire range of external content capturing devices and mobile phones. Now includes secure cloud support access for the saving and sharing of your multimedia projects, endevours and potentialities.
    * Ensure that your setup meets the necessary Pinnacle software requirements.


    - Multi-camera editing for 6 cameras
    - Premium effects from NewBlue with 800+ presets and 65+ plugins
    - 4K Ultra HD Video support
    - Unlimited track editing
    - HD frame precision
    - Advanced stereoscopic 3D
    - Green screen preferences (with box purchase only)
    - Dolby 5.1 surround sound for Blu-ray & DVDs
    - Concurrent previewing of timeline and source clips
    - Includes easy-to-follow video tutorials
    - Includes Motion Graphics Toolkit
    - Includes more than 2000 2D/3D captivating effects
    - And plenty more!!


    Pinnacle software arrived on the scene as a fresh, innovative, multi-purpose video refinement software application that took pride in being thoroughly capable of accomplishing the big video creating, editing, and styling tasks with minimal fuss or tutoring. Cutting-edge multimedia firm, Avid, took over the Pinnacle software range a few years ago and, erroneously, reinvented Pinnacle as a masked approximation of their flagship product, Avid Studio. This put off many long-term fans, mainly due to the uniqueness of Pinnacle studio having been plundered and diluted. Recently Avid sold Pinnacle studio to the mighty software vendor, Corel, known for leading software titles such as CorelDRAW, PaintShop Pro and more recently WinZip. Corel, who have been growing in stature and now established themselves as a giant in the home software industry have succeeded in returning Pinnacle studio into the masterful software package so many of us have known and loved.
    Introducing Pinnacle Studio 26 Ultimate - The Ultimate in producing professional-quality HD and 3D videos and multimedia.

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    9. Captivate audiences worldwide with your jaw-dropping video presentations.
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