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  • Supplier: Pinnacle       Availability: Worldwide

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  • Includes: Mercalli Plugins V2 for Windows and Mac
  • - 3D Stabilization plus Rolling-Shutter-Kompensation
  • Includes: VitaScene V2 LE
  • - Over 100 professional grade effects

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    Dazzle DVD Recorder

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  • Transfer Analog Video to Digital
  • Capture from VCRs, Camcorders & More
  • Convert VHS, Hi8, and V8 Video to Digital
  • Video Editing Software Included
  • Burn to DVD or Share Videos Online

  • Discounted Full Version


    Pinnacle Studio 24 will allow you to create fabulous movies from your own video clips and digital camera shots. It incorporates a simple yet effective interface for the seamless integration of scenes, allowing you to edit, merge and compose your own High-definition movies, as well as selecting and incorporating your preferred choice of music and sound. With augmented drag-and-drop simplicity, over 1500 special effects, titles and templates to choose from, plus a myriad of complimentry features and functions to assist you in creating captivating video productions, Pinnacle Studio 24 stands head and shoulders above other comparable budget-range video editing suites.

    How to upgrade to Pinnacle Studio 24
    1. Check that you have all the correct system/product requirements in place.
    2. Purchase the latest version of the product using the Upgrade button/links above.
    3. Download the product or wait for postal delivery if you selected the disk version.
    4. Read any installation notes that come with the program.
    5. Back up any data that could be lost or corrupted during the install.
    6. Close any programs running on your computer.
    7. Install the new version.
    8. A computer re-start may be required.

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