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Product: Paragon Partition Manager Advanced (Multilingual)
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Partition Manager Advanced (Multilingual)

  • Partition Manager Advanced is part of Hard Disk Manager functionality.
  • - You need Hard Disk Manager Advanced if you desire to use the app at home.

    Supplier: Paragon       Availability: Worldwide

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    Paragon Partition Manager delivers total control and functionality when it comes to all aspects of hard drive partitioning, providing detailed analysis regarding partitions and entire drives.
    It can capably add or subtract partitions from the drive; adjust partition sizes as storage and memory demands shrink or grow; easily reallocate space from one partition to another; neatly split an existing partition into two or merge two partitions together. It will also first make virtual changes in order for you to ensure that the outcome will be correct before initiating any final actions. In a test run PC Advisor took a 320GB SATA disk, split it into two partitions and then put them back together again, in less than 20 minutes.

    "Paragon Partition Manager is a program I would recommend to every user out there. It does its job really well and it's appropriate for novices as well as for advanced users, so purchasing it would surely be a wise decision. " - Software Informer

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