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Product: O&O SafeErase 18 Pro
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O&O SafeErase 18 Pro
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    O&O SafeErase 18 Pro makes 100% sure that once you have deleted your confidential and sensitive data it can never be recovered, regardless of what skillful methods or specialized techniques are employed. Computers that have been discarded, stolen, or once contained valuable data, use perfunctory methods to delete or clear data from the machines storage systems, these processes are only partially adept at completely getting rid of all traces of deleted data.

    O&O SafeErase 18 Pro allows you to locate and eradicate any potential security risks within your data deletion processes. It utilizes cutting-edge methods in order to permanently and conclusively delete any potentially recoverable deleted data. Whether it is a whole system drive, a separate partition, individual files or folders, or an external device, O&O SafeErase will more than adequately meet your data destroying requirements. It utilizes six diverse processes to make sure that deleted data can never be retrieved. It also includes a new analysis to tool to search for any possible loopholes for information recovery, advanced adapted deletion methods for SSDs, and compiles management reports and activities.

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