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Copernic Desktop Search has been specifically designed to free up valuable time by rapidly searching for files, emails, contracts, presentations and any data or information that is immediately required. It will find mis-placed files in the wink of an eye and allow you to preview your documents so that you don't have to spend time accessing them.


- Now the worlds foremost content search tool
- Rapidly searches content including Word, Excel, emails, PDF, text, Zip files and much more
- Really simple to use with minimum impact on system resources
- Ready for Microsoft Windows 10
- Provides fully trained technical support

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Copernic Desktop Search Language Editions

The following languages are supported by Copernic Desktop Search 8:
- English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese.

How do I use the coupon code to claim my discount?

You can buy Copernic software at a reduced rate, as we provide 30% discount off the latest versions. All you need to do is click on the promotional link found next to the software offer. When you click on the link to purchase Copernic Desktop Search Professional or Copernic Desktop Search Corporate your discount will be subtracted immediately. These Copernic promotional links already contain the coupon codes embedded in them, therefore you do not need to enter a voucher to receive your Copernic software at 30% off.

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