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Product: BitDefender Antivirus for Mac
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BitDefender Antivirus for Mac

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Virus threats to Mac computers use to be a non-entity however as technology evolves so does the penchant for the mischievous amongst us. Infidels are consistently racking their brains in order to dream up and create new ways to stamp their mark on unexposed territories and in turn disturbing our peace-of-mind. Virus attacks on Mac computers have swiftly increased and now the demand has developed for consolidated and integrated Mac antivirus protection. BitDefender a leader in online system safeguarding has one of the best track records in security software. With BitDefender Antivirus for Mac you will be assured of eradicating viruses for both Mac and PC, removal of all spyware, identity theft protection, constant signature updates, comprehensive support, and many more sought after features.

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Can I buy BiDefender software from anywhere in the world?

Yes you can buy BiDefender security software from anywhere in the world. Once on the BitDefender product page, click on the flag found next to the search option, in the top-right hand corner of the page, this will open a drop-down menu. The drop-down menu displays multiple country options, partner websites, and even a Worldwide option to buy from wherever in the world you may find yourself.

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