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Avast One Platinum offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity features designed to protect users' devices and data from various online threats, including viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and more. It includes features such as antivirus protection, firewall, VPN (Virtual Private Network) for secure browsing, identity protection, and advanced privacy tools.

Radically stepping up from Avast security solutions comes the impressive and substantially potent Avast One Platinum. Avast One Platinum offers complete protection against malware and spyware to consolidate your online safety and privacy. As well as protection while surfing, shopping and banking online, Avst One includes additional security tools, a computer speed up function, a state of the art VPN and a impenetrable ransomware scanner.

Avast One Platinum is positioned as a premium offering, providing enhanced security features and additional layers of protection compared to Avast's standard antivirus or internet security packages. It's aimed at users who prioritize comprehensive cybersecurity and are willing to invest in advanced protection for their devices and online activities.

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Avast Security Available Worldwide

You can buy and use Avast security software anywhere in the world. On the avast.com page there is a worldwide selector link found in the top-right hand corner of the page. When clicking on the worldwide selector link a list of countries will appear for you to choose from. If you have already landed in the shopping-cart, or your country is not available in the worldwide selector, then go through to the shopping-cart and click on the drop-down tab found under Customer Information & Payment Method and select your country from the list.

Coupon Code Promotions

Keep your eye out for Avast coupon codes and special offers. We always provide Avast full version software at a discounted price. However Avast often run extra incentive discount promotions by providing us with coupon code savings or reduced rate voucher links, for their most recent full version software releases or business protection suites.

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