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FuzzyMatch by Iugum Software is a unique application that allows the user to compare and match data from different files and sources. It employs a powerful algorithm to scan and match sources, taking into account possible spelling errors and spelling variations. It also cleverly adapts using synonyms and acronyms and will rapidly review previous matches and multiple matches. once the data matches have been established FuzzyMatch can be used to clear noise words and duplicates in order to reveal a precise dataset of requested data matches.

How Fuzzy Data Matching software works?

  1. Using the File-Open command important the 2 data sets from which you would like to match data.
  2. Implement FuzzyMatch boolean logic to correlate similarity, adjust suggestions and determine appropriate library you wish to use.
  3. Data duplicates will be neatly displayed in order of relevance and alikeness.
  4. FuzzyMatch utilizes a match board to present corresponding subsets for your data matches.
  5. Using the match toolbar all matches and potential matches can be analyzed, accepted, edited or discarded .
  6. Lastly choose the fields you would like produce a match report from and create a professional data match output.

Iugum Software Deals

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  •    FuzzyMatch
       FuzzyMatch + DataClean
       FuzzyMatch + DateMatch
       FuzzyMatch + DataClean + DateMatch

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